Forlorn Memories


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Info Sheet


Forlorn Memories is my love letter to the JRPG genre and a story-rich steampunk fantasy retro inspired RPG with life/dating sim elements, contemporary storytelling and QoL improvements to create an RPG experience that feels both nostalgic and modern at the same time.

The story revolves around a group of heroes who have little in common except their shared quest to recover their lost memories.


  • Characters - Explore the world of Forlorn Memories as one of over 18 different playable characters, each with their own unique abilities, classes and backstory. Once a party member decides to join you on your journey, you can switch between them at any time. (Each character can be renamed and visually customized.)

  • Two Art Styles - Forlorn Memories uses two different graphic styles, the anime-inspired Chibi style (SD) used for the exploration part and a more detailed, non-chibi-style (SD) graphic style for the game's battle scenarios and story sequences designed by talents such as Yoshitomo Ikawa (Mistwalker).

  • Tactical Combat - When words fall flat and a conflict escalates into combat, experience the accessible yet deep combat system where you identify and exploit your enemies' weaknesses.

  • Friend or Foe - Detailed interactions and relationships between playable characters and NPCs. This can even lead to marriage and other peaceful couple activities.

  • Explore the World - Run, swim, sail, fly, drive and ride through the world. Forlorn Memories offers a variety of movement and travel methods to travel through a huge fantasy world filled with events and side stories.

  • Crafting & Gathering - Mix potions and medicines, dig for buried treasure, craft armour, clothing and weapons, catch bugs, mine ores, go fishing, cook various foods and create and repair your own automata.How you achieve your goals is up to you.

  • Give abandoned pets a new home - Adopt pets like cats, dogs, horses and more. (Yes, you can pet them and name them!)

  • Gardening - Grow different types of plants. Gift them to NPCs, sell them, use them as a crafting ingredient or use some of them in battle. Or you can grow tiny sprout spirit creatures that can help you on your journey and evolve over time to learn new skills.

  • Minigames - Conquer the skies with your own airship and destroy enemies with your mech in the game's fully optional Shoot 'em up and Top-down Shooter sections.

  • Full Voice acting - Starring Caitlin Glass, Alan Lee, Xanthe Huynh, Lindsey Vega, Deneen Melody, A.J. Beckles, Kristen McGuire, June Yoon, Rachael Messer, Anairis Quinones and many more.

  • Original soundtrack - Composed by Alec Shea, Bryan Valenzuela, Ra´┐Żl Sangonzalo, Dale North and more with vocals performed by Emi Evans (NieR, Terra Battle, Dark Souls) on the opening theme.