Forlorn Memories is a love letter to the JRPG genre and an upcoming story-driven 3D steampunk fantasy retro inspired RPG with life-sim elements, contemporary storytelling and QoL improvements to create an RPG experience that feels both nostalgic and modern at the same time. The story revolves around a group of heroes who have little in common except their shared quest to recover their lost memories.

“Memories are fleeting - what are you willing to sacrifice to remember?”

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In Forlorn Memories you can take the role of over 16 characters each with their own unique backstory. Change the appearance and classes of these characters to your liking and explore their background, which is inevitably connected to the others.

*There are more playable characters than the ones listed below.

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Explore a vast fantasy world with different Art styles

Explore a vast steampunk fantasy world which has many mysteries to discover in two different visual styles (Chibi/Non-Chibi). On this journey you'll be accompanied by companions who have the same goal as you: to recover their lost memories, while you travel on foot, by swimming, riding or even flying on your journey to reach this goal you'll meet dozens of characters and visit different locations. How you achieve your goal and the goal of your comrades is up to you. Depending on your decision, your experience can be epic, emotional or even wholesome.

A Story rich world with interactions & relationships

Interact with the environment by solving puzzles, mining ore, digging for treasure, catching bugs and fish or taking care of your own little garden that allows you to raise and tame small spirits. Socialize with other characters and make enemies or friends, the latter of which can even lead to deep relationships and eventually marriage. (Same-gender relationships are possible).

*These screenshots do not represent the quality of the final game.

Conflict Solving & Engaging strategic RPG combat

In Forlorn Memories it is sometimes possible to resolve a conflict peacefully or avoid combat, but when combat still can't be avoided, you'll fight against various factions in a retro-inspired turn-based JRPG style with modern mechanics such as real-time movement between turns and attack combos. Use vehicles like mechs and airships against overwhelming enemies in optional top-down shooter and Shoot 'em up sections.

*These screenshots do not represent the quality of the final game.

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